When Ada Masotti founded La Perla Lingerie, it was her mission to listen to women, and then embody their desires in her creations.

With La Perla Beauty, we have harnessed that same mission, to empower women to feel free to explore and express their own unique visions of femininity and beauty.

To you.

Each and every woman.

Unique, proud and confident,

soft and powerful.

Who believes, like we do, that beauty lies beneath, in every little detail:

a feeling that radiates from within.

To those who don't depend on anyone or anything to tell them what beauty is.

To you,

La Perla women.

Our inspiration

with whom we grow,

by whom we stand.

Every day. Every step of the way

La Perla is a brand with a magnificent heritage, having been founded in 1954 by a courageous and talented young woman, Ada Masotti, in Bologna, Italy.

Since then, La Perla has been making women around the world feel confident, beautiful inside and out. When Ada Masotti designed every piece of La Perla lingerie, it was her mission to listen to women, to embody their desires in her innovative creations which combined beauty, the finest fabrics and a flattering, comfortable silhouette. Real beauty is what lies beneath! With La Perla Beauty, we have harnessed her vision to make our mission that of developing by women, for women, the most luxurious and sustainable fragrances and beauty products.

We want to encourage you to express any or every aspect of your femininity, whatever that may look like, when you choose and to whom you choose. We want to help you to express your femininity and reveal your layers in your own unique way. If we can help you to feel more confident, that is truly beautiful.

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