It's been a few days since the height of the festivities, and it's time now to think of the ultimate party of the season – New Year's Eve.

We find the turning point of the year is the ideal time to experiment with your going-out makeup looks and really make an impression. So, what will it be, lips or eyes? Or perhaps both? To get your creativity flowing, we're sharing our favourite New Year's Eve makeup tips.

Contrasting Lashes

For a statement look with maximum impact, we love to wear contrasting colours on our top and lower lashes. To try this look out, you can start with Ink Black on the upper lashes, and vibrant Bright Blue on the bottom to brighten the whites of the eyes while bringing the drama. We like to coordinate with a matching shade of eyeliner. Our Volumising Mascara is designed to be layered, so your only decision is how daring you want to be – reapply to your heart's desire.

Colour Blocking

Another stunning party makeup look that's straight off the runway is colour blocking. Using two contrasting eyeliners gives a contemporary edge to more classic eye makeup styles. Start with a classic winged eyeliner in black, working from the inner corner and sweeping across with an ascending flick. Use your second colour to trace the outline, drawing the edge out a little further than the first. Simply finish with mascara to complete the look.

Two Tone Lips

For a super-easy, fun look with a beautifully flattering finish, we love a two-tone lip. Combine darks and lights for a glamorous New Year's Eve look by selecting shades from the same colour family, such as a deeper and lighter shade of red. Test them together on the back of your hand until you find your perfect combination. As the top lip is usually slightly thinner than the bottom, use the lighter shade on top to create an optical illusion of fuller lips. If you blot before applying the darker colour to your bottom lip, you can prevent any colour from transferring.

Ombre Shine

If you want a more natural effect with a gentle flush of colour, we love to put a high-shine, radiant twist on the beloved ombre lip. Preparation is key, so we always ensure our lips are well-hydrated in advance. An exfoliating lip scrub is the first step for us, followed by a non-tinted lip balm. Start by applying a lighter colour to the outer lip areas, like you would with a wide lip liner. Then, use your darker shade for the middle of the lips. Blend with a lip brush or your fingertip in an outward direction, but not all the way to the edge, to create a subtle blend of shaded hues. For a gorgeous dewy finish, you can apply a layer or two of our satin lip balm.

All there's left to do is add a spritz of your most-treasured La Perla Beauty fragrance, and it's time to step into New Year's Eve feeling fabulous. What experimental New Year's Eve makeup tips do you have to share?

Who will you be this festive season?

Express yourself this season with lip and eye makeup that's mindfully beautiful in clean, fragrance-free formulas.

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Who will you be this festive season?

Express yourself this season with lip and eye makeup that's mindfully beautiful in clean, fragrance-free formulas.

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