We love using makeup to express ourselves, and for sheer versatility, liquid eyeliner is unmatched.That's why our Liquid Eyeliner, in all its mesmerising colours, was such an important part of our capsule collection.

We want it to be one of the most transformative elements of your makeup bag, taking you from a natural, office-ready eye to contemporary geometric looks – all in one sweep of our flexible pointed brush. It was made to inspire you.

We would love to take you through our favourite looks to do this Autumn – from winged styles to unique shapes – step-by-step.

The Classic Cat Eye

It needs no introduction – the cat eye always delivers. We love the timeless, eye-opening appeal of this well-loved shape. We also believe it's so much easier to get creative once you've mastered the essentials flawlessly. Our eyeliner has a smooth, wet-look formula that glides on without dragging, so it's ideal for practising your technique.

As for how to apply liquid eyeliner in this shape: using a steady hand, start at the inner corner and sweep the brush across your top lash line. When you get to the outer corner, extend the line with a flick. For those of us that need a little direction, our favourite trick is the dot-to-dot: simply use the tip to mark out your desired shape with tiny dots, then join them together to create the line. For a softer, more subtle effect, try it with Rich Brown.


The Dramatic Flick

Now we have the basics down, we can play with adding some drama.To take things up a notch, we love to extend the wing further out, forming a thicker, more angular shape. With this bolder look, we find the flick needs to be placed with more precision.

We have a simple trick for this: think of the wing as an extension of your bottom lash line. Imagine it following the curve of your eye and extending outwards to meet the tail of your eyebrow – the top line should aim to follow that imaginary angle.When we really want to make a statement, we go all-out with colour. Our Bright Blue brings a modern update to iconic looks, and makes the whites of your eyes appear brighter in an instant.


Fishtail Eyeliner

This eye-catching style is one of our favourite liquid eyeliner ideas. It's particularly striking in Deep Black and works especially well with our pigment-rich formula.

To achieve this look, start with a cat eye. Then follow across the bottom lash line, forming a mirror image of the upper flick – use the dot-to-dot method for guidance if you need to. Once you have a basic shape, you can tailor it to your mood. A thinner, lower flick with a wider space between the lines at the corner makes the eyes appear bigger. Meanwhile, a chunkier, longer line is pure '60s chic.


Expressive Shapes

From minimalist lines to all-out colour-blocking, we adore more abstract styles – especially in our alluring Deep Red shade.When it comes to playing with shape, there are no rules. But if you want some inspiration, try combining colours to frame the eyes with unique contours
Remember, it's not all about what you add – we're currently loving the negative space trend, with shapes that are simply outlined, and left unfilled. Try creating super-thin lined triangles at the corners, or just the outline of your favourite feline flick, for a modern take on the classic look.


Wherever your creativity takes you, you'll find our quick-drying formula helps you effortlessly nail these beautiful looks without dragging or smearing. What's more, you'll don’t need to worry about touch-ups – because with our long-lasting, moisture-resistant finish your creation will be staying put, whatever the day or night brings.Now we've shared our favourite looks, it's time to hear about yours.

We'd love to see your most creative liquid eyeliner ideas – inspire other La Perla Beauty women by posting yours on Instagram with #CreateSomeDrama.