The bond between a mother and daughter is one like no other. Our mothers are our very first teachers, equipping us with the life skills we need to grow into confident, empowered women. They're also our first beauty mentors, demonstrating what true beauty is – inside and out. Those special moments we observe as children are full of nostalgia today: the smell of your mother's perfume, watching as she gets ready for an evening out, or trying on her bright red lipstick for the first time.

To celebrate the mothers in our lives, we asked our team to share their own touching stories; the family traditions and makeup introductions from mums around the world.

What traits have you inherited from your mother?

Determination. My mum doesn't take no for an answer and is very passionate about whatever she’s doing: be it at home, in business, or anywhere else. I look up to her and am in awe of everything she has managed to accomplish for herself. I was not a girly girl growing up and hated when my mum would try to do my hair and makeup for parties or events. What resonated more with me was her love of fragrance. She had (and still has) a collection of favourite perfumes and wears them to match her current mood. She says it’s that little boost of confidence you get when you know you smell amazing, helping you power through the day – which I completely agree with.

Sabrina Chan, Social Media Manager, Paris

Can you remember your first introduction to makeup growing up?

Yes, It was my mum's iconic lipstick that she bought in Hong Kong. She loved a glossy, balm-like finish, no matter the colour, from peachy nude to cherry red, and I remember her always finishing her makeup look with it. On our family nights out for dinner, I was always allowed to have some of her lipstick, and she would add some to my cheeks too for the cutest rosy red blush.

Chantelle Edmunds, Senior CRM Manager, London

Did your mother ever give you any passed-down beauty secrets or practices that influence your routine?

The best beauty secret my mother gave me was to always take care of my skin, as you cannot replace it! Ensuring to take off your makeup carefully and then moisturising every day and night is crucial to keeping skin healthy. She taught me confidence and, the art of conversation..(I definitely inherited my freckles from her!) but she always told me to just be myself and always try my best at everything I do.

Nicola Caswell, Demand and Initiative Lead, London

What is the best piece of advice you ever got from your mother?

The best advice my mum gave me, and something I still apply to many facets of my life today, is: "You should always leave something to the imagination". When I was younger I wasn't allowed to wear makeup until I was 15! I thought this was incredibly unfair, so I brought my makeup to school and tried to wash it off before I got home. Funny thing about coloured eyeliners....Mom always knew!!...

Pamela Reynolds, Vice President, eCommerce, London

Although the places we call home are all different, the respect we have for our mothers' worldly advice is the same. These first beauty moments and memories help to shape us into the women we are today and make the routines we craft for ourselves, rich in heritage and family tradition.

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