At La Perla Beauty, we are reimagining the nude lip by introducing an extension to our red lips collection, to bring a healthy flush to the lips. Each lipstick is refillable and comes in luxurious packaging with La Perla Beauty's distinctive grosgrain ribbon design.

These six carefully developed nude red hues have just landed, we hope you enjoy a private introduction...

109 Rosewood Nude Red | Matte Silk Lipstick

Warm, rich colour with a hint of softness – fall in love with this sophisticated red. 

Like its namesake – the richly hued rosewood timber – this versatile shade has a natural complexity that makes it stand out from the crowd. A delicate blend of earthy reds with a whisper of pink, Rosewood Red is a lip colour you'll reach for, day or night, when you want to present a smart, grown-up allure. 


110 Cinnamon Nude Red | Matte Silk Lipstick

A warm, rare and spicy shade that's made for intense looks.

We love the intriguing tone of this lipstick, where classic, vibrant red meets a grounded cinnamon spice. The very name sets the scene for this voluptuous colour. The intensity of the red radiates self-assurance, while the twist of cinnamon creates a natural, earthy undertone. The result is a unique and precious combination – just like cinnamon's ancient reputation as a treasured and sought-after rarity, this shade evokes a sense of desire. Its confidence-boosting power will help you look effortlessly chic, whatever the occasion.


111 Auburn Nude Red | Matte Silk Lipstick

For a lip colour steeped in mystery and intrigue, it has to be Auburn Red.  

The best part about a secret is trying to uncover it. This cool, quietly enticing lip shade takes a little while to unveil itself to you but when it does, it will arouse your curiosity and leave you wanting to discover more. The discreet red-brown hue is wonderfully versatile with its dark purple, red and amber undertones, making it suitable for a wide array of skin and eye colours. If you love a classic red lip but want something with a hint of earthiness, Auburn Red gives you majestic colour and powerful impact. 


112 Tiramisù Nude Red | Matte Silk Lipstick

Rich, smooth, mocha-infused colour that will evoke Italian decadence. 

With a name that literally translates as "pick me up" in Italian, tiramisù has become one of the world's most beloved confections. We looked to the velvety indulgence of this timeless classic to create a shade worthy of its name. Tiramisù Red will evoke memories of sunset dinners in beautiful surroundings, enjoying unforgettable moments with wonderful company. Infused with deep red and brown tones that nod to the cocoa powder and coffee-soaked sponge in the dessert, this hue pays homage to the 90s-glamour dark nude lip era. This lipstick has a sensual, seductive and intense colour, just like the intoxicating flavour of its namesake. 


203 Espresso Lips | Satin Lip Balm

Channel that invigorating hit from your morning espresso with this hydrating lip balm.

The day's first sip of espresso can be the pause or the pick-me-up you need. Inspired by deep coffee tones, our satin lip balm is created to provide that little added pep to your step. Single or double espresso? With this colour, the choice is yours. One swipe creates a soft and fresh look to mirror those relaxed mornings on the terrace, basking in the sunshine and enjoying a moment of calm before the day begins. And thanks to our buildable formula, a second sweep will give you a more intense, richer brown that nods to the aromatic beans used to create your daily brew. 


204 Almond Lips | Satin Lip Balm

Rich, nutty warmth in one swift, nourishing sweep.  

Our Almond Lips shade was created for those moments when your desire is to simply enhance what Mother Nature gave you. Inspired by the distinctive red-brown undertones of the precious almond shell, this sweet, delicate hue is designed to accentuate the natural beauty of your lips and skin. Reach for this understated yet sophisticated everyday colour when you want to achieve noticeable suppleness with a hint of earthy rose in one silky stroke.


So, are you ready to find your ideal companion? There's a perfect nude-red for every woman, and once you've discovered the right shade for you, our luxurious refills will make sure you'll never run out. A sustainable way to enjoy beauty, each effortless refill means you can continue to treasure your original lipstick tube while being kinder to the environment.