Our Chief Financial Officer Carine reveals how her French and German heritage have influenced her way of working, and explains that even spreadsheets can benefit from a creative approach!

"I see La Perla Beauty as the perfect mix of old and new. We have an established brand and a rich heritage, but we're utterly modern. I love to mix vintage and antiques with contemporary furniture in my home to create something unique, so I feel it's like that!

"I've had quite a traditional career and worked for big companies for many years. Then I was self-employed. Being part of the foundation and development of this start up is exciting and provides a new momentum. The team is still quite small, but it's full of experts, with a great spirit. We all wear many hats and we're hands-on. We have a real start-up spirit: what needs to get done, must get done. At the start this went from our CEO getting on his knees to set up the new printer, to having our head of R&D grabbing a screwdriver to building the coat rack!

"Where do I feel most at home? Everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I don't feel like I can identify with a particular place, in terms of geography. Maybe this is due to my double culture and the fact that I have moved quite often. Home is a more general notion and I “feel” home where I “feel” alive: in the middle of a forest, on top of a mountain or on the seashore, as long as I can feeling air on my face. It's a sensation more than a place."

What does our motto 'confidence is beautiful' mean to you?

I just love it! Women need to have independence and confidence. And I am proud to work in a company which supports my personal values.

What's your favourite city?

New York, where I lived for several years. I just love the vibe there. Again, it's a feeling: coming from the airport, as soon as you reach Manhattan, you can feel the energy is different. I always miss it when I'm not there

Describe your way of working in three words.

Anticipation, agility and with a smile!

What's your favourite beauty tip?

Again, it has to be smiling! As long as it is genuine.

How do you enable creativity in your field of work?

Creativity is quite difficult when you're working on a spreadsheet! But seriously, I think my creativity lies within the anticipation side of my work, the preparation. I have to be on top of everything and all the time three steps ahead. That requires a certain level of creativity.

What's more French or German in the way you work?

Oh la la! I don't think I'm very French in the way I work. I'm more German, 'black and white'. Not too many grey areas! Perhaps the French side is that I love great food, especially a matured cheese, so I appreciate lunch breaks. I always try and take them.

What role does sustainability play in your life?

I'm very conscious of it. I recycle, and I eat 'slow' food that is locally produced and organic. I go everywhere by bike, because I love the sense of freedom, and the breeze.

How do you keep fit?

I enjoy riding my bike whenever I can and I really enjoy taking a Pilates class- it's my favourite way to keep fit.

What cause do you hold dear?

Animal welfare. So it's nice to work for a company that cares about this too.

Do you have any superstitions?

Not really... but I believe the energy you put into the world (and into people), is what you get back: when you smile at someone you generally get a smile back!

Do you have a personal motto?

The best things in life are not things.