In between building a global beauty brand, French-born Claire loves to explore her new hometown, London. A foodie raised in a wine making family, Claire is now happily embracing British culinary culture: from breakfast specials to Fortnum & Mason's famous pies!

“I'd say that the word 'passion' describes me pretty well. It's how my friends, colleagues and bosses would describe me: passionate. It's the passion you put into something that makes the difference between good and great, standard and memorable, or simply presenting something and being convincing about it.

"I love La Perla's heritage and I'm proud of what we stand for: sustainable luxury, and women’s empowerment. I think La Perla Beauty is one of the few brands in our space to offer true luxury that is also sustainable. Our bottles are beautifully heavyweight, the packaging is high quality and the details are inspired by our lingerie. But then the recycled materials, refillable products, clean formulas and our commitment to be transparent are just as important.

What was it like relocating from France to the UK for your role at La Perla Beauty?

It was easy at first because I moved in August, when the weather was just perfect to walk through London with my husband, who had joined me for a couple of weeks’ holiday. Unfortunately, we were then separated for months due to the international lockdowns. But we are absolutely in love with the UK, where I used to travel a lot for work, and where we spent memorable holidays in the South, in Scotland... So now we seize every opportunity to immerse ourselves in British culture, starting by a thorough exploration of London.

What does ‘confidence is beautiful’ mean to you?

For me, confidence is about knowing yourself, believing in yourself, and being clear about what you can offer. It goes beyond the confidence of wearing the right haircut or dress. It relates to the power of self-love and leads us to express our thoughts with authenticity. It means supporting others through positive energy and common values, but also not being fearful of displeasing people, and sometimes saying no. When people feel confident – especially women – I notice there's extra life in their eyes. It's hard to put into words, but it's a sparkle that is truly beautiful.

What does sorority mean to you?

The relationship I have with my sister is the essence of sorority to me. I’m here for her, she’s there for me. Our calls are fun and deep at the same time, we share our ups and downs, and we’ll usually feel stronger afterwards. And I can also tell her when I disagree with her, or think she’s doing the wrong thing because we want the best for each other. On a general level, it should be about trusting the women around you enough to let them tell you with honesty what they think. Also, it's about being able to share with them your projects, your achievements and your doubts without being judged – just listened to.

What can’t you resist?

I can’t resist entering a beauty store and trying everything. A beauty product junkie, I love to be tactile and engage with the products – testing, smelling fragrances, trying out new makeup and discovering new brands. I also love to go into a beautiful store like Fortnum & Mason, for an immersion in their iconic blue-green universe, and indulge new flavours.

What is your surprise beauty tip?

Laugh. When someone is laughing, they are beautiful!