We talk to Janelle about growing into confidence, and the surprising power of natural ingredients.

“From the moment I knew I had the job at La Perla, I felt part of the team. This makes it difficult for me to remember much about my first day, as it seemed like I’d already started! Fast forward to now, and I can’t imagine not being part of the La Perla family.

“Being Head of Visual Merchandising is an absolute dream for me. It’s my ultimate career goal – designing a look and feel for in-store visual merchandising from the very beginning. The idea of working with a clean beauty brand that puts sustainability at the heart of everything is a big part of its appeal, too, and it speaks to me personally. I play my part by using recycled materials and being considerate of our carbon footprint, wherever I can. The fact I can do this as part of my job, and it's encouraged, is amazing.

“Where do I feel most at home? It has to be home-home! With my family. I try to visit my parents whenever I can. There’s something so comforting about going back to where you grew up, where everything is so familiar.”

What does ‘confidence is beautiful’ mean to you?

As I was growing up I lacked confidence, and I thought that looks defined who I was. As you get older, you realise that believing in yourself is the most important thing to helping you grow and achieve your ambitions. Knowing yourself is the key to building confidence. I have two teenage daughters now, and I want to instill in them the confidence I didn't have at their age. I want them to feel empowered.

What’s your surprise beauty tip?

I love going to the hairdresser but sometimes I find it hard to fit in an appointment with my busy home and work schedules. My hair has grown a lot and where it's especially dry where it's been coloured. I read about coconut oil on a blog, and I didn't have high expectations, but I thought I'd give it a go as I had some in the kitchen. I was so surprised, but it really worked! I'd recommend it to everyone. My hair now feels so strengthened and moisturised.

What’s it like working for a brand that's ‘by women, for women’?

It’s so inspiring – I’m all about empowering other women, and I think that comes about when we support each other.

Who is the woman that inspires you the most?

Honestly, all women inspire me, but especially mothers. Any woman who can negotiate which child gets the last biscuit is an absolute star in my book!