Juanita Cid is our Chief Marketing Officer. Many of her favourite things in life are sustainable: she finds inspiration on her daily bike rides, and loves the feel-good buzz of treasure hunting for vintage clothes.

“I joined La Perla during lockdown, so I spent my first day at my kitchen table! But even working remotely, I felt that sense of sorority. My way of working is collaborative and transparent, which is also important in terms of sisterhood and what that means to me – it’s about being a supportive colleague, and women working to be stronger together. With everything we produce, we talk openly about how it makes us feel, and if it's relevant to the La Perla woman.

“I’m thrilled to be part of a brand that is so focused on refinement. Everything we create has this alluring, feminine elegance, and it’s a fabulous feeling to know that you’re developing such truly beautiful products. This attitude is such a strong element of the brand, and it runs through everything we do.

“To me, true beauty means cherishing what is unique about you. If you’re happy and proud of who you are then you can conquer the world.”

What does mindful beauty mean to you?

I think it means authenticity and transparency, and not being superficial. We’re offering products that bring pleasure because they enhance who you are and your unique personal style while trying to respect as much as possible people and the planet. We at La Perla Beauty don't tell you to subscribe to a certain beauty ideal. I see the effect of La Perla Beauty products in our team every day – these women are proud of who they are anyway, but I can tell they make them feel extra beautiful and confident!

What motivates you?

In the morning, something that I find really motivating and pleasurable is my daily bike ride to the office – even if it’s raining. It’s a special moment with just me and myself! It also creates a space between my work and personal life where I can really relax, and often great ideas come from it. On a more general note, what motivates me is the people I am surrounded by everyday: family, friends and colleagues.

What do you do to live more sustainably?

I don’t own a car, and I travel by train or bike. Clothes can be an issue, but these days it's easier to find sustainable fashion, and I've always loved vintage and second-hand shopping. There is something I definitely do every day – lecture everybody in my house about turning off the lights!

What has been your best vintage find?

I can’t choose just one, but I always get more compliments for my second-hand clothes and jewellery than anything else. I think that reflects a personal style – it’s not a matter of following the latest trends, but about expressing yourself and finding what you like, whatever that might be. I love that it feels like a treasure hunt, and the fact it's sustainable feels good, too.

What does our 'for women, by women' maxim mean to you?

It’s a big part of my motivation. I couldn’t develop products that I don't believe in. Women are in the DNA of La Perla, so I’m in the best place for the job.

You’re a mother of two. What image of women have you instilled in your children?

My daughter has grown up to hate being told what she should look like, so I'm proud to say there is no image! But I would say that I've told them that women are strong and equal. I think they see me as an active person who is very dedicated to her professional life, so I hope that through my actions I’ve taught them that a woman can be anything she wants to be.