We talk to Mélissa about her influence as a younger member of the La Perla Beauty team, her views on clean beauty, and her life-long obsession with beauty products.

“I grew up in a small town just outside Lyon, where home was a place where you knew every little corner and everyone there. I feel the same kind of supportiveness here at La Perla Beauty – we're a small team, but we all learn from each other, which is wonderful. Everyone has a voice and a chance to use it. As a younger member of the team, I feel my fresh perspectives are appreciated.

“I have always loved beauty products, so it was a dream for me to work in this field. As a child I would lock myself away in my bedroom for hours, trying on makeup and watching YouTube videos, or I'd go to stores and try on the products. When I was studying for my marketing degree, I realised how much I loved the concept of brands getting to know their customers and what they want to buy – which is really what led me here!”

Tell us about your first day at La Perla Beauty.

It was my 24th birthday! I was really excited – I'd barely slept. Everyone gave me such a warm welcome with birthday wishes and croissants. It was lovely, and made me feel comfortable from the start. I work in the Paris office, and I was surprised to find we are all women here. That was different to my work experience before. As we all use the products we are developing, it is a fantastic atmosphere, although highly demanding.

Had you heard about clean beauty before working here?

Yes, I helped a friend create an organic haircare brand. It taught me so much about natural products and clean beauty. I only buy products if I know what ingredients they include, and now that I understand more about what is good for me, and the planet, it seems such a natural thing to do, something we can all do.

What's your favourite La Perla Beauty product?

That's a tough question! I do love the body balm. When you put it on it's like a warm hug.

What does ‘confidence is beautiful’ mean to you?

I think it's linked to our inner beauty. I think confidence is the most beautiful thing you can ever have. It's not a tangible thing, but it's the most special thing you can possess, and it's so special to me. When you're confident, you're beautiful inside and out.

Are there any causes you're passionate about?

I'm actually involved with a new charity, Association MaMaMa, that is based in Paris and came about after the first lockdown. It was started by four women, and it helps single or isolated mothers get what they need for their babies. So far we've distributed over 8,000 packages in Paris alone. I spend a lot of my weekends helping out – I think it's important for mothers to feel supported long-term.

What's the best piece of advice you've received?

Believe in yourself like your life depends on it – because it does! I always keep this phrase with me, and have done since I was a teenager.

What's your favourite fragrance of all time, and in three words, how does it make you feel?

I love Let the Dance Begin. How does it make me feel? I'd say enchanting, enigmatic and powerful.