Our Senior CRM Manager Chantelle Edmunds, along with her little dachshund Otis, is a go-getter in the mornings.

Her day begins at 7 am (albeit after one short alarm snooze), and is followed by a refined morning routine with a focus on seizing the day.

"I'm a morning person, for sure. I'm usually in bed by 9 pm, but even if I had a late night, I'd still try to wake up early in a good mood to enjoy the day. Don't get me wrong, I love having a lazy day, but once I get into a rhythm, I'm up and ready!"

"The first thing I do when I wake up is give Otis plenty of cuddles and kisses. Then we get up and start the day. I put in my contact lenses, moisturise my skin, and then my fiancé and I take Otis for an hour's walk in the park with a coffee in hand."

"Once I'm back home, I finish off my morning skincare routine, grab a big bottle of water and get my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist ready to start work in the office."

"What are my go-to morning products? When I'm working from home, I love a hydrating moisturiser and our Sculpting Brow Gel in transparent, finished off with a spritz of Let The Dance Begin, Eau de Parfum to set the day right. If I'm in the office, I do a little more. To achieve a subtle 'no makeup' look, I go for brown mascara and a nude lip with a glowy, moisturised base. Wearing an outfit that makes me feel good, plus a strong, deep perfume helps me feel powerful for the day ahead."

"I love a dewy look. The beauty products I use in my morning beauty routine help keep my skin glowing and natural all day. In the shower, I use our Soothing Bath and Shower Oil to make my skin feel super-hydrated through all seasons, giving me that 'highlighter' effect. Our Satin Lip balm in Nude Red is another one of my staple products for a fresh-faced effect. It ensures my lips stay plump and hydrated all day, while the added tint of pink gives them a healthy glow. I sometimes also use it on my cheeks as a little highlighter."

"My favourite ritual is my Sunday self-care session. Having a relaxing hour before bed on a Sunday to get ready for the week ahead is a must. I'll set the mood by playing my favourite chilled jazz playlist and lighting an oud-scented candle. Then I'll put on a hydrating moisturiser that will slowly soak into my skin; I love our Nourishing Body Balm for an indulgent pampering experience. I finish my routine with my self-heating eye mask and a spritz of pillow mist to slowly drift me into the perfect deep sleep."

"The best morning advice I have is to wake up and be positive – imagine what you can achieve today. Think about what you're most excited about and just go and do it!"

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