For the latest instalment of Morning Moments, we caught up with our Social Media Manager, Sabrina Chan, to find out how she starts her day.

Based in Paris, Sabrina's mornings are a joyful blend of bustling market sounds, reflective self-care and plenty of fragrance. We love her positive approach, which even extends to waking up before her alarm.

I’m a morning person, and no matter what time I go to bed the night before, I’ll be awake at 6am – before my alarm goes off. I normally relax in bed until it’s time to get up, raise my blinds and see what’s going on in the neighbourhood – I live right by an open market so there’s always lots of action! Then it’s time for coffee, which I’ll enjoy out on my balcony if the weather is nice. On a weekend morning, I might head to a park, or one of my favourite cafés for a flat white, and spend a couple of hours reading.

During my morning skincare routine, I use one of my many scented body washes in the shower to match the day’s mood. I must admit I have a lot of products in my bathroom, but what I love about La Perla is that our products are refillable. Plus, they’re just so pretty and made to be displayed.I always choose a fragrance depending on how I feel that day. I love La Perla Eau de Parfum as an easy morning perfume, but I’m also partial to Invisible Touch or Possibilities when I need an extra pick-me-up or confidence boost. If I have more time, I’ll curl my hair and maybe add some eyeliner, but I never fail to apply sunscreen.


Our Satin Lip Balm in Bitten Lips has a beautiful red tint that gives the perfect wash of colour.

Just like fragrance, beauty products help set the tone for my day. I normally go for a natural makeup look and a sweep of our Satin Lip Balm in Bitten Lips. It's amazing and has a beautiful red tint that gives the perfect wash of colour without being too overpowering. I also use it on my cheeks for an easy flushed look. Self-care is really important to me, too, and I recently started journalling. I set priorities and answer a few prompts every morning, then reflect on what’s happened each evening. The app I use always asks me to list three things I’m grateful for, which I think helps me to have a more positive outlook.


Never underestimate the power of fragrance! I always feel more confident after a generous spritz of the scent that fits my mood for the day ahead.


Sunlight also helps – I find that I’m in a much better mood when it’s bright and sunny outside. But if I had to describe my dream morning? That would be waking up in a little cottage in the countryside with my baby goats and my slobbery Saint Bernard. I’d step outside to an endless field of wildflowers then make myself some coffee on my professional espresso machine after having magically learnt to create latte art…

For me, a good morning comes down to mindset. If you can find one thing to look forward to, no matter how simple, you’re already set to have a great day ahead.

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