The season of darker nights and frosty mornings is slowly creeping in.

From chapped lips to dry noses, these cold-weather woes can really cause havoc with our beauty regimes. To help you navigate this tricky time of year, we thought we'd answer some of the questions that are frequently posed to us...

How can I keep my lips hydrated this winter?

Parched lips are one of the first signs that our body needs hydration, so it's important to drink plenty of water all year round. For immediate relief where it counts, a deeply nourishing lip balm is ideal. Of all the winter skincare products to choose from, this is your ultimate handbag companion when the temperature drops. We created our Satin Lip Balm to keep pouts plump and protected. Our formulation includes emollients such as argan oil and active fruit extracts that keep hydration locked in while delivering a subtle tint of colour.

Which ingredients are best for dry skin?

The cold weather can make our complexions flaky and dull, so help reinvigorate yours by indulging in a winter skincare routine that features these hero ingredients:

Shea butter- This emollient is rich in vitamins A, E, K and F, which help soothe and relieve irritated skin.

Avocado oil - The antioxidants and vitamins in this oil increase collagen production and nurture damaged skin. You'll often find it in eczema treatments, as it has anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties.

Sweet almond oil- Nuts are not only a superfood but also a powerful beauty ingredient thanks to their fatty acids. Ayurvedic and ancient Chinese practices have used this intensely moisturising oil for centuries to treat dry skin conditions. It's also non-comedogenic, so it won't clog up your pores.

How often should I exfoliate in the colder months?

Toasty nights by the fire and chilly mornings mean that exfoliation should become an integral part of your cold-weather skincare regime. To fight back against the build-up of dead cells, we recommend adding this crucial step to your self-care schedule up to four times a week. Ensure your body feels just as revitalised as your face with our Energising Salts and Oil Body Scrub. This luxurious ritual is packed with sea salt to regenerate cell growth and carefully selected, prebiotic-enriched oils to protect and refresh your whole body.

What makes prebiotics beneficial to the skin?

Many external factors such as pollution can take their toll on your epidermis, but you can lend it a helping hand with prebiotics. These natural ingredients can alleviate a variety of conditions, from blemishes to redness, and assist in enhancing your natural skin barrier throughout the year.

How can I alter my skincare routine for the season ahead?

Aside from nourishing products, there are a few other winter skincare tips that can help keep your skin looking and feeling silky:

Turn down the temperature: it can be hard to resist the warmth, but keeping the shower cool can have some great benefits, both physically and mentally. Cold water stimulates blood flow and tightens the pores, while hot water may strip away your body's natural oils and leave your skin more susceptible to damage.

Moisturise immediately: after bathing, try applying your body oil or lotion while your skin is still damp. This will help seal in moisture and add another level of hydration.

Your new best friend is hand cream: just like lip balm, you'll want to keep this essential handbag hero close by. The icy air, paired with constantly washing your hands, can leave your skin feeling dry and irritated. So make sure to bring your hand cream along wherever you go.

Any tips for sensitive skin?

Pamper your complexion by using rich and soothing moisturisers that will help it stay healthy and hydrated. We advise going easy on exfoliation for sensitive skin and opting instead to buff it with a washcloth so that all those nourishing ingredients in your favourite moisturisers can really penetrate and get to work.

What self-care tips do you turn to when the nights get longer?

Slow Down, Step Back and Reset

Whatever you like to do – or not do – to relax, you will probably agree that there's always time for a bit of pampering.