One spritz of this perfume will take you instantly back to that unforgettable summer when you lazed languorously in the shade of the cool stone walls of your villa.

Rejuvenating top notes of zesty blood orange, green mandarin and grapefruit recall the citrus groves of hilltop gardens. The delicate scent of the neroli buds and the lush citrus foliage playfully add to the effect, as hypnotic as the reflections and shadows when the day blends into sparkling dusk.

Finally, it dries down to the earthy richness of woody, amber notes, enveloping you with gentle warmth, like those villa walls that absorbed the day's heat. You are left feeling energised, yet so relaxed.

Discover Villa Sorrento Eau de Parfum

Villa Sorrento's luxurious glass bottle is a celebration of its elegant natural ingredients. The pale green flacon represents its subtle scent profile and the glossy leaves of the orange tree, while its blue cap is an ode to the draw of the sea. Designed to treasure, this beautiful bottle is easily refillable – a sustainable design that can take permanent pride of place on your dressing table.  


Villa Sorrento Eau de Parfum Refill

Our easy-to-use refill is designed for luxurious and simple sustainability. It enables you to top-up your original treasured bottle with your favourite scent, so you can keep it on your dressing table forever, as intended. The 100ml refill is held in dark-coloured recyclable glass, to keep its contents in best condition, with a transparent window at the side so you can quickly tell how much you have left.


Meet the Perfumer

To find out more about this captivating scent, we spoke to the perfumer behind Villa Sorrento, Roxanne Kirkpatrick. Read on to discover her inspiration for this fresh fragrance and the luxurious ingredients that make it so unforgettable.  

What place evokes Villa Sorrento for you, and why?  

The Italian coast because of the super-fresh citrus fruits that are native to this part of the world. I love the Italian coast – there is something about it that really brings you to life. 

What was your inspiration for this scent? Was there a scent memory that inspired you?  

Yes, travelling to Italy and smelling the citrus fruits and blossoms where they grow. Connecting to the origin of the ingredients is so inspiring because you not only get to smell them at their very purest version, but you also experience the environment and the surroundings which then often inspire the combinations and accords. It creates a very special connection between the perfumer and the material. Suddenly, there is a very personal and emotional bond when you see, touch, smell, feel, and in this case, taste the raw ingredient. 

What is your favourite ingredient in the scent? Why it is special to you? 

For me, it’s the neroli scent. I love that this white floral brings a very crisp green aspect. It’s sensual and intoxicating like most white florals, but is also very invigorating and energising at the same time. 

Can you tell us about two other ingredients and what they bring to the scent?  

The citrus are sourced from their origin and bring so much life and fresh fragrance. And Ambrofix creates perfume with amber notes and is a lovely clean blond accord that's reminiscent of skin. Givaudan has developed a completely unique multi-step bioconversion process to produce Ambrofix starting from sugar cane. This new process is considered the most sustainable process for Ambrofix in the market. This new bioconversion route maintains the classification as 100% naturally derived. So it smells divine and is also sustainable.  

A woman will wear this scent... 

Anytime she wants to feel a burst of fresh citrus summer air from the Italian coast. It’s a perfect scent for hot summer days and nights as the top is really fresh and clean and the bottom notes have a "come hither" feeling. I invite the person who wears this fragrance to notice a very sensual musk in the bottom note that will have incredible sillage the whole day – this note is a signature of this fragrance and it exudes luxury. 

Can you share a famous quote about scent that you love?  

“Where should I apply perfume?” a young lady asked. “Wherever you want to be kissed.” 


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