It's time to slow down, step back and reset.

We think there's no better time for self-care than on Sundays. It's when we reflect, and re-energise for the week ahead.

Whether you prefer to unwind with exhilarating, high-impact exercise, or retreat indoors to read a book from cover to cover, self-care means different things to different women. Whatever you like to do – or not do – to relax, you will probably agree that there's always time for a bit of pampering. We'd love to share our self-care beauty tips, and how we recreate a spa day at home – hopefully, we can help make your self-care day one of blissful relaxation.

Our perfect self-care Sunday, step-by-step

Engage your senses

Luxury spas are carefully designed to create a truly multi-sensory experience, from the soft lighting to the beautiful aromas.

It's easy to recreate this relaxing environment at home, however – and the best thing is it can be tailored to you. Choose the music and scents you find most calming, and you have your very own private sanctum. Note how the light affects your mood and energy – to create that soft, soothing atmosphere, we switch off harsh overhead lighting and light candles instead.

Unplug from the outside world

This time is about you, so it deserves to be uninterrupted. Switch off your phone and allow yourself to be free of life's everyday distractions.

We like to take this moment to be still and practise mindfulness or meditation. You may find that relaxing sounds help to block out the world, so we've created a Self-care Sunday playlist to help you enjoy the peace of the moment.

Make your shower a spa

Now the scene is set, it's onto treatments. A week exposed to environmental stressors, and lacking time to properly hydrate, means skin can appear dull and feel dry – so it's time to revitalise. To caress the senses, you won't need anything more than your favourite, lightly fragranced La Perla Beauty products.

While we're in the shower, we like to switch between hot and cold. This temperature variation boosts the circulation, so it's instantly invigorating. As blood flows to the skin, it carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells, clearing free radicals too. Coupled with the prebiotics that enrich our products, this technique promotes healthy, resilient and beautifully refreshed skin.

To gently cleanse the week away, we begin with our Soothing Bath Oil & Shower Oil. As we softly work the rich oil into and across the skin, it transforms into a light, frothy lather, for a delightful sensory experience. Next, we turn to our Energising Salts and Oil Body Scrub. A vigorous, circular massage with its uniquely indulgent textures helps to keep your blood circulating, and leaves your skin as smooth as silk.

Indulge in a moisturising treatment

Our skin is the largest organ of the body, so looking after it isn't just a beautifying indulgence – this act of self-care is vital to our overall health and wellbeing.

Sloughing off dead skin cells and boosting your circulation were the first steps. After you shower, it's time to nourish with a rich moisturising treatment. We love our Body Balm for its whipped, cocooning feel and conditioning ingredients. It's a treat any day of the week, but on self-care Sundays we use an extra generous amount, taking time to massage it into damp skin. This locks in the hydrating, health-boosting benefits, and allows us to really indulge in its fragrance and texture.

Our luxurious beauty products are enriched with prebiotics, to balance the skin's microbiome and strengthen the epidermis. By including them in your self-care ritual, you're not only creating a beautiful experience but also encouraging the glow of healthy skin, and protecting it from the week ahead.

Finish with fragrance

No spa day is complete without fragrance. Two spritzes – one for you and one for your bed linen – is the perfect relaxing finish to this sensory experience.

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