As party season tiptoes closer, we’re reminded of the magical moments that go hand-in-hand with the holidays: invitation-only celebrations, quality time with loved ones, and locking eyes with that special someone across the dance floor. One of the most joyful parts of each one is the process of curating fresh makeup looks – for which fluttery lashes play a key role.

Wispy, fanned-out lashes are one of the oldest makeup tricks in the book, but to achieve them, it all rests on the perfect formula. Our Volumising Mascara has been created to tick the boxes of smudge-proof, lightweight and buildable all at once, making it a wonderful addition to your beauty drawer. Whether you favour innocent doe eyes or all-out drama, you can apply this anti-inflammatory, clean mascara with abandon – or until you reach your desired look. There'll be no bulkiness, as unique gelling agents coat each hair with a long-lasting film, while naturally derived ingredients (think soft beeswax and organic shea butter) work to condition, nourish and protect from irritation.

But it isn’t just the formula that’s important when it comes to a buildable mascara, as the top spot is also held by a well-designed applicator. We opted for a curved shape that curls in an upwards, outwards trajectory, mimicking the motion of a trusty eyelash curler.
As a result, your natural eye colour appears brighter and beautifully framed, ready for the next step in your routine. With all the tools necessary to map out your desired look, all that's left is choosing between a wide-eyed or fox-inspired finish. For the former, make sure every last hair is coated, and for the latter, keep all attention on the outer corners.

Now that you have the recipe and tools for a full-on flutter, all you need to do is select the right hue. Black and brown are the natural choices for those who favour minimalism and a soft-focus wing, penning out the perfect base for a well-anchored lash line. But for those who like to position themselves on the opulent side of the colour spectrum, why not try a more piquant shade such as violet or blue? Offering that boldness avid party-goers strive for, these shades flourish when teamed with warm eyeshadows, a red lip and a speckle of faux freckles.

Are you ready to reach new heights with your lashes?

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