We believe that fragrance is an extension of personal style – it's a form of self-expression that boosts your confidence and makes you feel beautiful every day.

Because each of us has a unique personality, we feel our perfume should be similarly distinctive. That's why we love the art of scent layering. It's a creative journey that can lead you to find your true signature scent.

There are no rules to layering perfume – all you need is a love of beautiful fragrance, and a sense of adventure to follow your intuition and creativity. A great way to get started, however, is to think of your fragrance collection like your wardrobe. Every day we choose new ways to mix and match, according to our mood and the energy we want to radiate.

Perhaps you have a scent you want to wear now and feel comfortable with – such as our own Signature scent – like your favourite dress, it's beautiful on its own, but accessories can always add a certain something. Try combining it with a spritz of another of our beautiful Collection scents. You can either spray them both at the same time, or layer one a few hours after applying the first. You might even like to spray one scent on your wrists and another on your neck. You will want to find the balance too – it’s almost never 50/50. That’s what makes it such an individual and unique result.

Let's take a closer look at the La Perla Beauty team's favourite scent combinations:

Once Upon A Garden & About That Night

Lucy Eifion-Jones Global Trade Marketing Assistant (London)

“During the day, I tend to wear Once Upon a Garden. But when I want to transform things for the evening, I layer Invisible Touch. I find it gives me the ultimate confidence – but even when I'm indoors for a relaxing evening with the people closest to me, I love to wear it.”

About That Night & Let The Dance Begin

Barbara Preyssas Marketing Director (Paris)

“These fragrances have very different characters, and I love them each by themselves. But when it comes to layering, About that Night is beautifully fresh on top, with lots of citrus and lavender. It has my favourite Osmanthus flower – which is gently apricot - so I often reach for that in the morning. It accompanies me throughout the day, warming up as the hours go on with its lovely warm vanilla drydown. When evening arrives, it's time for a delicious extra something with Let the Dance Begin... and a small extra spray of About that Night, because I love the blend of their spicy, fresh top notes. I think it is great to have a favourite scent that you feel really comfortable with, yet still be able to change it up sometimes.”

Villa Sorrento & About That Night

Ximing Cheng Marketing Intern (Paris)

“These are my two favourite Collection fragrances, as they have true meaning to me – they remind me of different cities I've lived in. I came to the South of France for my study of Master at Grasse, the capital of perfume. I was enjoying the enthusiasm of sunshine, running in the field of flowers and I ate a lot of pastry with orange flowers. That was the memory full of sunshine, the Mediterranean coast has the power of healing, the bliss of citrus and leaves the sillage in my mind. 

And then I went to Paris for my internship at La Perla Beauty. The magic city of Paris is a huge Fashion show. It never stops, the show goes on during the days and nights. No one can refuse to love this city. Villa Sorrento is the citrusy city of the Mediterranean, and About That Night takes me back to sensual Paris. I would love to wear Villa Sorrento in the day, let the freshness of green Mandarin wakes me up, and feel fresh to my plan of the day. When the night falls, it’s time to layer About That Night, the fragrance moves the Champ Elysees to my pace.”

Villa Sorrento & Once Upon A Garden

Sydney Tons Account Executive & Education West Coast (USA)

“I love the brightness and burst of white floral when I combine Villa Sorrento with Once Upon a Garden. The neroli and green mandarin in Villa Sorrento envelope the pink pepper and green moss in Once Upon a Garden, and it makes me feel alluring and captivating – as if I have been transported to warm vacation nights, wrapped in the scent of salty fresh air and tranquil gardens.”

About That Night & Possibilities

Sally Jacquet Social Media Manager (Paris)

“About That Night is my go-to fragrance. I have been wearing it every day, like a second skin. But as I also like my fragrance to be tailored to my current mood or the day's circumstances, so layering scents has truly become a ritual. For example, when getting ready for a night out, I would add a spritz or two of Possibilities — sometimes just on my wrists. The combination of a familiar, comforting scent with an unpredictable, enigmatic one makes me feel ready for whatever the night brings!”