Scent, emotion, memory: you may not see them – but they're always there. They are so deeply interlinked, it's not unusual to find your favourite fragrance triggers you to recall your most special moments and experiences.

That's why perfume is so fascinating to us. It is so much more than the vital elements of smelling exquisite, or the fine quality of its ingredients – it's the personal meaning that our mind assigns to a fragrance. The fact it can leave such a profound impression leads us to feel that there has to be some magic in there, somewhere.

Certainly, we see our perfumers as alchemists as much as they are learned scientists, grounded by the rules of the universe. They understand that behind every scent, there's a moment, a feeling, a person – there may even be the promise of something new entirely, and adventures yet to come.

Through sensations of joy and confidence to thrill and sensuality, we want to explore the stories of the women who might wear each of our special creations. Which La Perla woman will you choose to be today?

Invisible Touch

The Invisible Touch woman has a modern and confident femininity, as well as a thoughtful, sensitive side.

Like the fresh contrast of florals and wood, the Invisible Touch woman has a modern, confident femininity, as well as a thoughtful, sensitive side – she plays many roles, so she loves that her scent can be layered with other La Perla Beauty perfumes. She treasures the things nearest to her the most: her close circle of friends; the silk lingerie under her softest cashmere jumper. So if you're lucky enough to catch her when she's wearing it alone, you'll need to come closer. Only those she lets in experience the unadulterated essence of her beauty, and her scent's musky subtlety.

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My Day

The My Day woman is surrounded by a serene aura of confidence. It comes from somwhere deeper and subtly radiates like elegant jasmine and iris.

Driven and successful, the My Day woman is surrounded by an aura of confidence. Her self-assurance isn't defined by her achievements, however – and she's always the first to admit when they were due to a lucky break. It comes from somewhere deeper and subtly radiates, like elegant jasmine and iris, from everything she does. She feels butterflies when she's excited, but sandalwood and vetiver help to balance the sparkling tingle of citrus with a sense of composure. The hard work she puts in is never for the praise of others – the scent of highly-prized orris always makes a handsome reward.

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Once Upon a Garden

A youthful sense of adventure is inherent to the Once Upon A Garden Woman, as it is to her fragrance, and her curiosity leads her mind to wander down a multitude of dreamy paths.

The Once Upon a Garden woman is known for her whimsical daydreams and youthful sense of adventure. Her curiosity leads her mind to wander down a multitude of dreamy paths: some wholesome, others altogether less innocent. From spontaneous, carefree expeditions through meadows of sweetpea, to secret trysts among fresh spearmint, it's whenever she acts on an impulse that she feels most alive. With a mischievous twinkle in her eye and a note of pink pepper, she will always be full of excitement for what life – and romance – holds next.

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Just Give Me Roses

The Just Give Me Roses woman will always mark the special occasion, or sentiment, with a heartfelt gesture.

Romantic in the classical sense, the Just Give Me Roses woman will always mark the special occasion, or sentiment, with a heartfelt gesture. Roses are her favourite symbol of love, of course, reflected in the heart of her fragrance – a single note of soft Bulgarian rose. But there's more to this charming simplicity than meets the eye – with facets of saffron, amber and musk, you're invited to explore the profound depths of her feeling, grounded by the crisp elegance of cedarwood.

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This is just a first glimpse into the many beautiful facets of femininity behind our exquisite collection of perfumes – there are so many more visions to explore. Which facet of your femininity will you choose to express?

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