We’re proud to say we are a diverse company and are a team made up of people with many different backgrounds and experiences from across the globe. We would love to introduce you to the people who brought La Perla Beauty to life.


Introducing Our Team...


Juanita Cid, Chief Marketing Officer

Juanita is our Chief Marketing Officer. Many of her favourite things in life are sustainable: she finds inspiration on her daily bike rides,and loves the feel-good buzz of treasure hunting for vintage clothes.Read more

Jacques Heintz, Chief Supply Chain Officer

Jacques has been surrounded by strong, inspirational women all his life. He learns a lot from his two daughters, who keep him in step with the latest trends in beauty.Read more

Lisa Jackson, Chief Commercial Officer

We sat down with Lisa to talk about her journey towards being a conscious consumer, working with women in the beauty industry and, of course – chihuahuas.Read more

Dr Leslie Smith, Chief Scientific and Regulatory Officer

Dr Leslie Smith casts his expert eye over everything we produce. He is a proud Scotsman with a love for rugby and Scotch whisky. And did we mention he's studying astrophysics for fun?Read more

Claire Bories-Azeau, Head of Global Trade Marketing

In between building a global beauty brand, French-born Claire loves to explore her new hometown, London. A foodie raised in a wine making family, Claire is now happily embracing British culinary culture: from breakfast specials to Fortnum & Mason famous pies!Read more

Janelle Hallam, Head of Visual Merchandising

We talk to Janelle about growing into confidence, and the surprising power of natural ingredients.Read more

Barbara Preyssas, Marketing Director

We talk to Barbara about the importance of sorority when you live abroad, and the unique struggles of living sustainably when you're set in your boomer ways!Read more

Pamela Reynolds, Vice President of Ecommerce

We caught up with Pamela to talk about how being raised on a farm prepared her for sustainable living, and how she'd love to have dinner with an unlikely pairing: Diane Keaton and Paris Hilton!Read more

Mélissa Abdillahi, Product Manager

We talk to Mélissa about her influence as a younger member of the La Perla Beauty team, her views on clean beauty, and her life-long obsession with beauty products.Read more

Valerie Bucek, Head of Sales Europe and the Middle East

Valerie, has a passion for clean beauty and travel, and she can't resist a designer handbag – or a Wiener Schnitzel!Read more

Sally Jacquet, Social Media Manager

Sally has extensive digital marketing experience, which has more than prepared her for the role. But she says her millennial habit of scrolling through Instagram has been equally valuable.Read more

The women behind La Perla Beauty

We are proud to be built on this heritage of beautiful creations made by women, for women.Read more