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Uncover a world of luxurious and sustainable beauty and find out more about our ingredients and formulations.


What We're Made Of: Explore what's behind our beautiful, refillable packaging

Our packaging is as important to us, as the luxurious, sustainable formulas it holds.Read more

Uncovered: your healthiest summer reveal, with prebiotics for skin

Moisturiser, sunscreen, exfoliation – and plenty of water for hydration.Read more

Perfume Uncovered: Our luxurious and sustainable natural ingredients

We believe that anything that touches the skin should feel deeply luxurious, but with natural resources there always comes a concern for sustainability.Read more

Feel Good, Do Good, Look Good with Our Beautiful Vegan Products

At La Perla Beauty, we believe you shouldn't have to choose between caring for yourself and caring for our planet – and that includes animals too.Read more

Morning Moments

We love sharing stories; in our Morning Moments series we catch up with La Perla women about their morning routines.

Morning Moments; with Melissa Abdillahi

Our Parisian Product Manager Mélissa Abdillahi is one of those people who springs out of bed before the alarm goes.


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Scent Stories

Delve deeper into the stories behind exquisite and refillable scents.


Lighthearted and carefree, romantic or sensual; which La Perla woman will you choose to be today?

Our most sensual and intimate moments, and the deepest emotions that come with them, are particularly enhanced by scentRead more

Evening Elegance; Effortless Fragrances For After Dusk

As dusk falls, the evening promises a world of possibilities. Tonight is a story waiting to be written.Read more

Uncovered: Which La Perla woman will you choose to be today?

Scent, emotion, memory: you may not see them, or even be aware – but they’re always there.Read more

Fragrance Terms Glossary

From Accords to Sillage, we reveal the meanings behind the mysteryRead more

Who Will You Be Today?

Discover makeup tips and tricks, new looks to try and the responsible formulations behind our luxury makeup essentials.

Slow Down, Step Back and Reset

Whatever you like to do – or not do – to relax, you will probably agree that there's always time for a bit of pampering.

Self-Care Sundays

We think there's no better time for self-care than on Sundays. It's when we reflect, and re-energise for the week ahead. 


Clean Beauty

Have you ever felt like you had to choose between self-care and caring for the world around you? We believe that none of us should have to make that choice.


Our Bodies

Our beauty products have integrity. Find out how La Perla Beauty can help you to make choices that are healthy for both body and mind.Read more

Our Planet

We love our planet. Learn how La Perla Beauty is helping to protect the environment by producing ethical beauty products that are both luxurious and sustainable.Read more

Our Society

Respect is our secret ingredient. Discover how La Perla Beauty respects people and animals while ensuring luxury quality beauty products.Read more

Ingredient Glossary

Environmentally mindful, clean formulations are at the heart of our commitment to you and we aim to give you clear, accurate information about the ingredients we use.Read more

What Lies Beneath?

Uncover the different facets of your femininity